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The Foxes’ Wedding Procession

Every November 3, the Hosho-ji temple holds an event called “The Foxes’ Wedding Procession” (Kitsune no Yome-iri) as part of its harvest festival.
This is a parade of a bride and groom and their families dressed up as foxes leading the mikoshi, or portable shrines, carried by local children and adults. The parade goes for about 1.5 km along the old Sanyo Highway in the Hanaoka district.
Who plays the bridge and groom each year is kept a secret, and it is said that the chosen couple will live happily together ever after. As a usual festival unique to Kudamatsu, it attracts large crowds, up to 30,000 each year.

Date November 3 each year
Location Hosho-ji / area around the Hanaoka Fukutoku Inari Shrine
Address Address: 1224 Ebisumachi, Suetakekami, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi