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Marugoto Kasadojima

Meaning “Everything Kasado Island,” stalls offering local souvenirs, food made with local ingredients, and giant cauldrons of puffer fish soup to allow visitors to enjoy the sea’s bounty. Each year hundreds of families come to this lively event. There is also a draw, with prizes of Kasado Island products.

Date Early December
Location Kudamatsu City Center for Stock Enhancement
Address Address: 456-8 Kasadojima, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
Access 15 mins by car from Kudamatsu Station


Daikoku Fair

Myokengu Juto-ji temple enshrines Daikoku-ten, of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune.
The Daikoku Fair is held every January 7. People come to pray for freedom from illness or tragedy, enjoy free herb rice porridge and amazake, while the children test their strength by lifting bales of rice.

Name Daikoku Fair / Myokengu Daikoku-Ichi Matsuri
Date January 7 each year
Location Myokengu Juto-ji temple grounds
Address 1-10-15 Nakaichi, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi


Setsubun Festival

The day before the start of spring in the old calendar is called Setsubun (literally, “Seasonal division”). On this day, marking the end of the cold winter and welcoming the arrival of the warm spring, people purify themselves in body and soul, ridding themselves of evil spirits. Every year on February 3, Setsubun festivals are held in Kudamatsu at the Hanaoka Hachiman Shrine, Kudamatsu Shrine, and Myokengu Juto-ji Temple, where people pray to rid themselves of evil spirits and throw beans to purge evil and bring fortune.
At Myokengu Juto-ji temple, a “red demon” and a “blue demon” show up, and the children throw beans at them to drive away evil.

Name Setsubun Festival
Date Every year on February 3
Location Hanaoka Hachiman Shrine,Kudamatsu Shrine,Myokengu Juto-ji Temple


Kudamatsu Kasado Island Trail

This is a trail running race held every year since 2016 on Kasado Island.
There is a 32 km long course and a 19 km short course. Runners cover the whole island, crossing hills over 200 meters high, going past sheer cliffs along the coast, over white sand beaches and the promenade over the sea.

National Hotel Oojou, Kasado Island, Kudamatsu
Official website



Kasado Island Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

About 500 Kawazu cherry trees have been planted along the prefectural road across Kasado Island. Their blossoms bloom early, allowing people to enjoy the promise of spring.
The regular Kawazu cherry blossom festival features people selling local products, and visitors can enjoy amazake and zenzai (red bean soup).

Name Kasado Island Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival
Date Mid-February to early March
Main Festival: late February
Location Festival venue (along the prefectural road through Kasado Island) Kasadojima Family Resort Village
Address 14-1 Kasadojima, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi