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Kudamatsu, a Livable Town

Kudamatsu is the site of a romantic legend about a star falling to earth.
More and more people are choosing to make their home in Kudamatsu, a livable town that offers a balanced blend of sea and mountains, history and culture, and commerce and industry.

Kudamatsu, a Manufacturing Town

Kudamatsu developed in the 1920s as an industrial city, and today it is home to a wide range of manufacturing, especially in its Shunan industrial zones. Items produced here range from railway carriages, ships, and other transportation-related products to iron and steel and even high-tech products like semiconductors.

High-speed railway carriage (Class 800) for export to Britain
Hitachi, Ltd.
Techniques such as rolling and laminating developed through iron
Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd., Kudamatsu Plant

Kasado Island, an Island Rich in Nature

Linked to the mainland by a bridge, Kasado Island has a rich natural environment. It forms part of the Setonaikai National Park. Along with National Hotel Oojou, where guests can enjoy dramatic views, delicious seafood, and soothing hot springs, the island offers campsites, swimming beaches, and the Center for Stock Enhancement where you can learn about the fisheries industry.