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  1. Kasado Island Hiking Course

  2. Oojou Hot Spring / Shiosai Bath

  3. The Foxes’ Wedding Procession

  4. Great Evil-Crushing Blade (Haja-no-Ontachi)

Here are a few accommodation facilities where visitors can relax after their journey.

Business Hotel Kudamatsu

Name|Business Hotel Kudamatsu
Address|804-7 Motomachinishi, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
Charges|5,200 yen


Business Hotel Miyako

Name|Business Hotel Miyako
Address|2-9-15 Otemachi, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
Charges|From 5,180 yen

Kudamatsu Station Hotel

Kudamatsu Station Hotel

Name|Kudamatsu Station Hotel
Address|4-11 Hokuto-cho, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
Charges| From 6,600 yen per person
Official website|https://ksh.masuyoshi.jp/