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High-class fish raised in the waters of Kasado

Kasado flounder

Kasado flounder is farmed on Kasado Island, Kudamatsu. Its fatty flesh has a hint of sweetness, and it is one of Kudamatsu’s finest foods. It is considered even more delicious than wild flounder, and can be eaten year-round.
It goes perfectly with any preparation method, including sashimi, grilled, boiled, or fried.
Thin-cut Kasado flounder (sashimi) is a pale white without strong flavor, but with an elegant taste. Flounder is considered almost as high class as puffer fish, and the tail fin muscle (engawa) is particularly prized. Even when sliced finely, the flesh retains its shape, making it valued as a luxury gift.
Battered, deep-fried Kasado flounder is soft and fluffy, and even the bones are edible. While delicious piping hot, it is also considered very nice cold.
The fish can be touched at the touch pool at the Kudamatsu City Center for Stock Enhancement, and visitors can also feed the flounders.

Kasado tiger puffer fish

The waters around Kasado Island are full of fish farms for tiger puffer fish. These Kasado tiger puffer fish are famous local products of Kudamatsu. They taste wonderful whether as sashimi, hot pot, battered and deep-fried, steeped in sake, or as roe.

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Address 21-3 Chuo-cho, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi Inside Kudamatsu Town Center’s Hoshi Plaza