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  1. Kasado Island Hiking Course

  2. Oojou Hot Spring / Shiosai Bath

  3. The Foxes’ Wedding Procession

  4. Great Evil-Crushing Blade (Haja-no-Ontachi)

A water park that takes advantage of the flowing river

A park rich in nature in the upper reaches of the Suetake River, by Beisen Lake.
A water park created by taking advantage of the river current, it is popular with families for swimming in summer and its leaves in autumn. Spend a relaxing time here letting the sounds of the stream sooth your soul.

Takinokuchi Riverside Park
Nakasuminami Oaza, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
15 mins by car from Tokuyama-higashi IC


Takinokuchi Riverside Park

Takinoguchi Kasen Park,Kudatani,Kudamatsu,Yamaguchi 744-0271