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One of the world’s best


Kudamatsu Genki sausages

Richly flavorsome sausages made using Kurumaki garlic grown in Kudamatsu Municipal Farm Park. The sausages and ham created by the masters at Gourmet Road have been awarded multiple prizes at processed meat fairs and are both not to be missed.


Smoked chicken jerky

Fresh chicken from Japan is sliced, marinated in a special mix of spices, and smoked to make this chicken jerky. The flavor becomes more intense the more it is chewed, while also offering the unique taste of chicken, quite unlike beef.

Available at Gourmet Road Yasuda
Address 1-2-20 Misato-cho, Kudamatsu

Roast Ham

“Hoshi Furu Machi” Roast Ham

Winner of multiple awards at processed meat contests in Germany, home of ham and sausages, Asahiya has been frequently featured in the media thanks to the roast ham it creates with such care, using only the finest meats.

Herb sausages

Herb sausages

Fragrant herbs are used to draw out the rich flavors only found in the best quality meat. Sets of sausages and ham have long been popular either for eating at home or as gifts.

Available at Meat Shop Asahiya
Address 2-19-16 Mizuho-cho, Kudamatsu

Paella helper with Kasado flounder

Paella helper with Kasado flounder

Made using only Kudamatsu ingredients such as Kasado flounder, Kurumaki garlic, mushrooms, and Kasadojima lemons. The container is even made locally, so it is the best of Kudamatsu in a can. To make a paella, simply add this mix to washed rice inside rice cooker and cook. You can also use a paella pan to make an authentic version.

Available at National Hotel Oojou
Address 14-1 Kasadojima, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi