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  1. Kasado Island Hiking Course

  2. Oojou Hot Spring / Shiosai Bath

  3. The Foxes’ Wedding Procession

  4. Great Evil-Crushing Blade (Haja-no-Ontachi)

Kiriyama Kabuki is performed at the spring and autumn festivals of Kiriyama Hachiman Shrine and at the Godendo-Miyuki Festival. Around 1750 during the Edo period, a man called Chojuro was very impressed by the joruri (puppetry) and kabuki he saw in Osaka, and taught them to his eldest son, Sanshiro. This is how Kiriyama Kabuki began, and it is now registered as an intangible folk property of Yamaguchi prefecture.

Kiriyama Hachimangu
472 Kiriyama, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi
25 mins by Bocho Bus from Kudamatsu Station, then 10 mins walk from Kiriyama bus stop


Kiriyama Hachimangu

472 Kiriyama, Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi 744-0042